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Little Explorers exceptional staff brings warmth and expertise to your child's early learning adventure. With qualifications and lesson plans shaped by state standards, we go beyond conventional childcare. Our committed educators foster a safe space for children to explore creativity, curiosity, and a passion for learning.

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Meet Lori

Lori Lorenz, the owner and director of Little Explorers Preschool, brings over 25 years of preschool experience and has been a resident of Fishers for over 20 years. Drawing on her background as a teacher and director, Lori believes in creating a successful preschool that meets both academic and operational needs. Lori's own children's experiences have fueled her passion. Her son, now grown, resides in Anderson with his wife and daughter, serving as both a Sheriff's Deputy and a Navy Reservist. Meanwhile, Lori's daughter lives in Charleston, SC, contributing her talents to ATI Physical Therapy. Lori is dedicated to play-based learning and real-life experiences, fostering a blend of fun, organized thinking, and collaborative skills. At Little Explorers, Lori and her team invite you to join their adventure, guiding your child toward a strong academic, social, and emotional foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team embraces higher educational standards, creating a nurturing, structured environment that goes above and beyond. Your child's early learning journey is guided by professionals committed to providing an enriching and educational experience, preparing your little one for a bright future.

Director at little explorers preschool
Juliane Binkley
Administrative assistant
Liz Eme
Administrative Assistant
Team lead
Ms. Laila Kazimi
Young Threes, Lead, M W & Th
Lead team
Ms. Holly Sample
Young Threes, Lead T, Th & F
Threes and fours assistant
Ms. Regan Kiggins
Threes and Young Fours, Assistant
Assistant at preschool
Ms. Julie Crooke
Threes and Young Fours, Assistant
Assistant at preschool
Ms. Michelle Boneta
Threes, Assistant
Pre kindergarten teacher
Ms. Megan Jenkins
Teacher for pre-kindergarten indiana
Ms. Colleen Waymire
Teacher for pre kindergarten
Ms. Emily Figley
Transitional teacher
Ms. Veronica Scamahorn
Transitional K
Teacher for transitional class
Miss Desiree Crooke
Transitional K
Steam program lead
Ms. Jessica Lindvahl
Preschool food provider Indiana
Ms. Emily Werner
Food Service